Iran vs US issue effective on global

Current issue of Iran & America is becoming popular to whole world some of countries have lots of benefits with this issue and some of could be in trouble ,it’s a common popularity of Iran is they have lots of crude oil or Mobil and everyone knows it better let’s find out which countries have benefits with this issue

Saudi Arabia

Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia is become giant enemy of Iran not from some of days it is from back to the Qatar cruise destroy issue.few days ago Saudi Arabia condemn that Iran air strike attack on Saudi oil producing project after that UN was held meeting about this issue but the finally Iran did not accept that and they refused that claim,the profit could Arabians take that is oil supply Chain Making Saudi Arabia also have big oil producing mines which is also can become big oil exporting business!


INDIA is also a biggest market in Asia there is also a popular auto mobile factories and lots of factories so from 2006 after Us sanctioned issue India is become the second largest Iranians oil importer after the Chinese oil exporters ,India is importing crud and auto mobil oil from Iran in huge amount , India is also import oil from 2006 to 2016 between sanctioned By US, Iran export approximately 62000 barrel oil per day to india which is 49$ millions USD per day for Current issue of Qaseem solaiman death US pressured to India which is dangerous for both country’s economy

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